Wings of Love is a 501C3  non-profit organization that offers at-risk youth programs which empower them to rise above the influences of bullying, drugs, gangs, violence, suicide, depression, teenage pregnancy and more.

Wings of Love offers many programs that gives children the support and tools they need to achieve their dreams and be a positive, driving force in their community. Our program goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to building empathy, and igniting a movement of compassion and positive change.

Wings of Love successfully addresses common issues seen most during our school programs.  Character building, which is our number one program, is highly taught and reinforced.  It changes the way kids treat each other, and challenges them to bring respect, morals and values back to their classrooms.  Students and teachers alike are respected where students are challenged to learn to their full potential.

Our vision is to change the way young people treat each other and also build positive communities where they can thrive socially and develop emotionally .